Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Van Gogh by Taeshell

This term Room 17 has been doing research about Vincent Van Gogh. These are some facts that I found out:
     Van Gogh suffered from lead poisoning because, he was using lead paint so he could paint his pictures. The jobs that he tried was a preacher, teacher,  selling art in an art gallery, and then he became an artist.
     He also chopped off part of his ear, put it in a box then he sent it to his girlfriend, But she did not like it.
      His paintings are really cool. He would get a knife, put a lot of paint on it then just slam it down on a paper, and that's how he painted his paintings.
    Vincent Van Gogh died in the year 1890, two years after he painted the painting Sunflowers.

These are some of the paintings that I like.

This painting is called Olive Trees: Bright Blue Sky.

This is one of my favorite paintings, its called Irises

Another painting that I like is Starry Night.

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