Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sunflowers Critique by Antonio

Here are my Markings for my writing.

A extremely famous painter Vincent van gogh painted the well known picture sunflower. The sunflower was oil painted and did you know it was 73 x 92.  it was well known in 1888 when van gogh painted it.

The lines on Vincent van gogh’s painting were very thick bold lines not like normal one’s that other painter do. Van gogh’s texture is thick and bold not like the other artist that paint. The space that van gogh uses is that there is no spare spaces and that the colour is vibrant and colourful but show the colour yellow which means happiness.

The way I think about Van Gogh's paintings about the Sunflowers is that the paintings look very realistic. His painting are all beautiful and, I think it would be a awesome decoration for Paul Gauguin in his room. Why I think its interesting is because it reminds me of young and death and also happiness.

I think Van Gogh painted it because he was happy and he was so excited to decorate Paul Gauguin’s room and he was a very sad man with a sad life. I think that Van Gogh thought that it was going to be perfect for Paul Gauguin’s room. Why he painted it is because he was excited thats why he put yellow in it.

The way I look back at the writing I just did it just that it made sense and all the things that would make a paragraph. I think Van gogh lived a sad life, and some times he was cheerful and i think his sun flower paintings a very valuable. He got lots of money 40,000,000,000 dollars is the record.


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Juanita Garden said...

It is difficult to critique art works. I can see you thought carefully about Van Gogh's Sunflowers.
You are trying to use the vocab we have talked about to describe what you mean, well done.