Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Starry Starry Night - by Esrah

Vincent Van Gogh had a very depressing life, but some times it felt great. He was really feeling good. Starry starry night was painted in 1989.

I think Van Gogh was quite happy at the time he painted this piece of art. The top of the painting is bright and the bottom is dark and sleepy, with specks of bright shining light from the windows. The stars are very shiny but the thing that stands out the most(on the top of the picture) is the crescent moon because it is sparkling like the water on a fine summer's morning. It looked like it was moving too, like most of his paintings.

Two objects that stand out are the Cypress tree and the church church steeple. Both were quite tall and slim, and both have a sharp tip. You can see the big broad brush strokes on the tree but not on the church. The church was man made contrasting with the natural tree. The tree looks like a big flame.

The patterns are very curvy . The colours all stand out and blend in together properly. Instead of it all being mixed up. The objects are blended in together a good way not a bad way.
Even to this day people admire his paintings. It is worth lot's of money. He is probably one of the best artist.

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Miss Burne said...

We like your photo because you framed
It well and made us smile because it looked
Very pretty .

From Tamara and Adriel