Monday, May 21, 2012

Antonio's Art Critique - Starry Starry Night

Hey did you know that one of the most famous painters painted the well known and valuable piece of art Starry Starry Night? And you know what that painting reminds me of? New life and deat. Here is some more of what I notice:

In the foreground is the steeple and the curvy cypress tree. The first thing that I saw when looked at the painting I noticed that there were two pointy objects the stand out to keep the painting balanced. The object that stood out the most out of the steeple and cypress tree was the tree because it caught my eye as soon as I looked at the painting.
Shinning Bright stars on a really exaggerated sky the main colour is blue and the colour that mostly stands out is bright yellow. I like the dark colour blue because it was bright for the swirl in the sky and dark blue reminds me of anger and death but the light blue reminded me of new life and happiness.

I like the painting that Van Gogh did and the way I look back at his painting is that it is very balanced. Looking at the two objects is what made it balanced and the way I look Back at my writing is that I have every thing that makes a paragraph and im proud of my writing.

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