Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Should Kids be able to buy junk food?

I think that kids under 12 should be able to buy junk food. There are many reasons for this, one if a kid gets given some pocket money he/she would most likely buy junk food. Also a kid could practise spending money by buying junk food. They would be able to make their own decisions, and they would be ready for the future.

If their was a law that says children under 12 can’t buy junk food unless with a adult, some fast food outlets would lose their customers and could be shut down for not having enough money to meet their needs. Also, if children eat junk food they can get big and strong for physical sports.f

Kids can enjoy what they are eating not like when kids eat vegetables. Like when some kids aged 11 go to Hoyts they won’t be able to buy snacks, for the movie that want to watch. Even though junk food is not healthy people still buy it because it tastes great is cheap and because they like it.

I think that under 12s should still be able to buy junk food, don’t you?

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