Saturday, June 18, 2011

Extreme Makeover Courtyard Edition

Room 17 is working through redesigning the courtyard outside our room so that more children want to play there.

We have sent survey forms to other classes and have been researching on the Internet. We have found a lot of interesting stuff.

We have wanted to replace the grass areas with concrete so that it could become a mini courtyard so that people can play and have fun. What I want is for the concrete to be nice and thick so that people can play games. I'd like to have it so people can play cards on the courtyard because in the breeze it to crowded and sometimes people flick it and then you lose. A 25 kg bag cost 8.50 we are still thinking whether we could possibly do or not.

We are going to possibly put in a basket ball hoop but we would have to bolt it in. I want to have a basketball hoop because then I can play basketball with my friends. It will be fun and when I have nothing to do I can play basketball. I am still trying to find information about the basket ball hoop.

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