Friday, June 17, 2011

Serena and Moala's Courtyard Designs

We are redesigning our courtyard.
Our first idea is to put some fake mushroom chairs in our garden. We chose it so we can sit and eat our lunch.We need them so we can not sit on the deck. We found Mushroom chairs at Bed Bath and Beyond for $130 each.

Our second idea is to put log seats in the corner of the courtyard. We like them because it is just better for ouryard because more people can sit on them.We found one from the country log chairs it is $60.00 each.

Our third idea is to put up a basketball hoop. We chose it so we can play with it every day if we are bored.We need it because there are not enough basketball hoops in our school.We found it in the basketball hoops store they are 212.00 each.

What we have found out.
We had found out to concrete the whole courtyard smootly cost $7-8000!!!!!

We truly think that the parents should come and help so it can be more cheaper than paying a builder.

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