Sunday, June 19, 2011

Design Technology Project

Room 17 is redesigning our courtyard. The following paragraphs are about what Brooklyn and I have designed so far:

Me and Brooklyn chose to put a basketball hoop in our courtyard because we think it will a be really fun. We also chose a basketball hoop because the courtyard is very boring and so more people can hang and play basketball. The price for the basketball hoop is $45 and the website to get it from is Sports

I also got a backboard because if we bought it separate we could bolt it together. We could get the bolts from where my dad works at, EDL Fasteners. It costs $248 which is pretty expensive. Sports is where got it from.

There is a website called because that is where you could drinking fountains. Our courtyard needs a new drinking fountain because the the one we have now is too small. It doesn't say the cost but I got lots of photos of the taps we want.

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Ashlee said...

HI Girls
keep up the cool designing because from my point of view use just need a few more good ideas and then you will nail your task but your ideas that you have got are fine. You's were right though your bay would be fun if you had a basketball hoop and then when they are sweaty they could get a big drink of water with it being quick not slow Tino pai girls keep it up
Your Sincerely Ashlee