Monday, August 24, 2009

Shoal's new ending

We have been learning about the structure of narrative stories and
this is Shoal's's own ending to Little Red Riding Hood.
If you need a reminder or the story orientation and complication click on this link to see the trailer to our resolution writing.


Ashleigh said...

Hi Shoal
I like your picture of little Red Ridding Hood and the wolf in bed. The wolf must of been really scared because he was shaking.

from your friend Ashleigh

Anonymous said...


I love your story, its funny and interesting to read. I like how u drew Little Red Riding Hood and i wouldn't want to be the wolf right now, i would be scared of her too :)keep up the great work my girl.

love mum

Anonymous said...

Hi Shoal !
Loved your story, and especially your art work ! Very talented I must say !! (just like your Aunty Rina )

Well done ! Czarina & Phoenix :D

Manaiakalani said...

I love the way Red Riding Hood is so assertive in your ending and saves herself AND her Grandmother. Good for her!
And well done to you for your writing and your graphic.
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

What a great alternative ending to the story Shoalee. It's good to see you use some of that girl power in there, you GO GIRL!
Keep up the good work and we'll be keeping an eye on your progress through this great website.
Much alofas from your Queensland family.