Friday, August 28, 2009

The Lion and the Mouse

Dante, Kobe and Max were each given part of this fable to retell. Dante wrote the orientation, Kobe the complication, and Max the resolution.

They had to use speech marks to show when characters were speaking, and use a variety of simple and complex sentences to retell their part of the story. Then they animated, and recorded it to share with you in an imovie


Room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Dante, Kobe and Max,
I really enjoyed listening to you retell the story of the Lion and the Mouse. It was really interesting to hear you using interesting words too. Your animations and drawings were wonderful. Keep up the great work.

Miss Lavakula

Manaiakalani said...

I love the way you have retold this fable using animation, voice-overs and clever insertions of text to emphasize the speech. It is very well done. I can see that you people have learnt a lot through doing this.
I'm looking forward to your next one!
Mrs Burt

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

You must have all cooperated and communicated very well to create this- well done.

Mrs Nua

Huelo-ata said...

WOW Dante,Kobe and Max,
your animations look great and cool.Huelo-ata