Monday, August 24, 2009

Kobe's new ending

We have been learning about the structure of narrative stories and
this is Kobe's own ending to Little Red Riding Hood.
If you need a reminder or the story orientation and complication click on this link to see the trailer to our resolution writing.


Room10@Ptengland School said...

Kia Ora Kobe,
What a great ending you wrote for Little Red Riding Hood. It was sad Little Red died from a gunshot. I particularly liked your picture you drew for it as well. Keep up the wonderful work and I look forward to seeing more of it.

Miss Lavakula

Manaiakalani said...

Oh my - that was a very bleak resolution Kobe! If it was a movie I don't think I would go to watch because I am not a fan of sad endings!
I am glad to hear that at least the woodcutter realised that it is his duty to keep the forest free of wolves so this doesn't happen again.
Keep up the good work
Mrs Burt