Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Somebody I Used to Know - Manaiakalani Film Festival

Gloria and her friends Lisia and Isara  watched the very clever music video of the Gotye song Somebody That I used to Know, and thought they could produce their own version.

This movie is completely done by these year 6 children.

This is the process they went through:
research different music videos and discuss concepts
plan and practise body and fabric painting,
learn lyrics, practise singing and record their voices
story board action and acting
film many takes
match their audio to the film
cleverly edit the movie (this was Gloria's masterpiece)

What very clever, confident and connected learners!


Unknown said...

Aaah - where is it? Want to show it to people!

Funny stuff :)

Jordenne said...

Hey Talented People,

That was really awesome!! You guys did really good. Best actors ever!!
And... Best movie ever!!!! I loved it. Wyaat, Jonita, Howard, Lisia and Isara you guys sounded like you were singing for real. Were you? Well anyways nice job guys!!


Iront said...


What talented people you are. My favourite bit is how Jonita put her head up because she looked funny. The other funny thing is how Frankie was just standing there and changing the tune. Funny people you are!! You guys looked like you sang for real but you did not, you were lip syncing. Good job and can't wait to see more movies on your blog!


Mary said...

Hey Room 17,

Great Job with this fil and all the great work you put into this movie. You all are entertaining and talented, can't wait for next years movie, keep it up guys.

Brooklyn A said...

Hi room 17,

Your movie is awesome. I like how who re enacted the actual video clip but also made it your own.

Keep up the great work

Jennifer said...

Hi room 17,
Your movie was amazing and you had good painting.I really like the part how those 5 kids were playing on one guitar.

Keep up the good work room 17

jody wild said...

Kia ora,

Wow!! Your movie was SO CLEVER and awesome. It must have taken you ages to write, film, create and edit.
We think its so fantastic, that it should be on U-Tube like the Kimbra and Gottye song.

Room 4 PES

Marama said...

Hi roomm 17 I wondering were you really singing?.that was really good.

Sonya said...

Hi Room 17 I really liked watching your film. We have seen the film that you guys perform with one guitar it was really awesome. Especially with Nevyn in your film. I am really excited to see your next film next year(:

Ana said...

Great movie Room 17! You did great of copying the music video. It looked nearly the same. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to watching your next one:-)

You can watch our movie which is called 3 words.

Sienna said...

Hi room17,

Wow your movie is so amazing and you guys a so clever and cool.
I think its was so awesome so keep it up, and you guys can go and check our movies called "Three words".

caroline said...

WOW, you kids sing very well and awesome.WELL DONE :)

Ramonadel said...

Hello great show I liked it. The singing was great and the painting was great as well and when you guys all played the guitar. And I like that song well done keep it up.

Aurora said...

wow great movie their. i've watch that video on youtube it's called five people one guitar and I loved it great movie by the way.

jane said...

Hi room seven I like watching your film. I really enjoyed how you guys sing that song and all played on one guitar that was so awesome. Keep it up guys...

Kelly said...

Hi Room 17 I think that your Movie was awesome because of how you played the guitar with five people and I also liked it because of your singing
good work Room 17 your awesome.

Justin Tuivasa Sheck said...

WOW this is amazing I cant wait to see your new movie

savelio said...

I like how you sang the song it was very cool to hear we also wacthed that on youtube.I also like how you made the paint and made up the movie it was so cool I wish if i could hear it again.Looking forward to your other movie next year.

Ilaisaane said...

Hi I really like what you have done and working together as a group. I really like how all of you did the idea and painting and doing all the things together. I really like the music and I love the video, it was good. So keep it together and work good as a group.

monique said...

Hey Talented people I really enjoyed hearing you guys sing I was surprised lol. We have seen this video on Youtube it was pretty good do you think because I think it was, I was surprised when I saw Nevyn in the video clip just sitting there. I like the colourful painting as the backround. Keep the Good work up...
Hey you should come and check out saint Pius X school video from room3 it is called three words, Hop you enjoy it

Valensai said...

Hi room 7,
I really liked how you were singing,
Room three has seen that clip on
YouTube with a guitar.
I loved how you came up with the idea to paint and also try and match the clip.

Keep up the good work

Ata said...

Short room 17 you guys were vary great at what you were doing and my best part was when Lisia cut out Esrah.

Kilistina said...

Wow that was a good movie
Keep it up and never give up.
Well Done

Mrs Tuala said...

hi room17 we really liked your movie
because it had lots of colours and we
really enjoyed the Mya/Anahera
ps keep up the good work

Mrs Tuala said...

hi room17 we really liked your movie
because it had lots of colours and we
really enjoyed the sing.
by Mya/Anahera
ps keep up the good work

Lee said...

hi room 17

that was a very funny movie. That was one of the best movie I will like to see you soon. ;)

Unknown said...

Hello RAOOM 17 this was a really an amazing show that youz all have put together. <3

Anonymous said...

Great work on the movie. It was awesome and I love the song.

Ane v said...


I like your work. It is cool. Heaps of people love your movie. Well done!

Jerome Montel Tarquin said...

Wow this is a wonderful video with the song and the acting when I saw this video I literally said "I have to watch this again".

Javana said...

Wow i am really really proud that i went to the manaiakalani film festival and that was really cool. lisia isara u guys were awsome

Javana said...

Wow i am really really proud that i went to the manaiakalani film festival and that was really cool. lisia isara u guys were awsome

Faaiua said...

That as very very cool Room 17. It must scary and freaky Esara to show his chest on the biggest screen.

From Faaiua

Waata H said...

Hello Room 17,
Your movie is very creative. I like your movie becuase it's cool and looks just like the real song. Keep up the great work

From Waata

Mrs Tuala said...

Hi room 17 me and my friend really loved your amazing movie because it had lots of exprtion and colours and alot of keep up the good work.By Mya and Danielle.

Angelica Siale said...

Well done Room 17.

What a creative idea you've put together into a movie.

Keep this creative work up and I hope to see more. :-)

Angelica from Saint Pius X.

Kefu said...

hi room 17 i like yor move

Mateo said...

Hi Room17

I liked how you put lot of work in to it.
keep this creative work up and I hope to see more

Hainite said...

Hi Room 17
I love your movie because it was a fantastic. it was all about art. I love the singing.

by patricia

ShoalM said...

Hey Room 17!

Very creative movie you have made! I love the song and the W.O.T.E parody you did where you all play one guitar is very cleaver! Keep up the Excellent Work Room 17!


Latanoa S said...

Wow! Pt England I love how you all did the painting.I really like the song.

Unknown said...

that was so cool