Thursday, November 8, 2012

Incident at the Shops - narrative by Jonita

On a cold Wednesday morning when I was on my way to school, something caught my eye. Strolling past, I noticed a suspicious sight with a dozen police investigators in front of the dairy. A body bag was seen too. I was trying to see what was going on, but a police woman blocked me from the view.

I then remembered that when I went to get breakfast earlier on in the morning, there was no investigation sight there. I asked the lady what happened, and she said that a girl was run over. Looking around to see if anyone was coming, I saw the body bag and opened it. I couldn’t believe who was in there.

It was Sydney Robinson, my best friend. Staring at her face, I noticed there weren’t any marks, besides her scar that she had all her life. With only one huge bruise on her back, there were no serious injuries done. Then a thought crossed my mind, was this done on purpose? I was sure to find out.

Eager to know who did the awful execution, I asked everyone if they were the last ones to see her when she was alive. With no results, I forgot about her brother, Cato, then hurried to speak with him. Unwilling to talk to me, I was getting pretty annoyed with him. Until he admitted he’d done something unbelievably horrible. “I did it”, he said with pain in his voice. “Did what?”, I replied. “I killed her.”

Becoming furious, I grabbed him, and dragged him all the way to police station. “He did it! Take him, take him! He even taped himself killing her.”, I shouted. “Thank-you”, he then said. But what for, I kept on asking myself. Unfortunately, that was the last time I saw him, but I never forgot about Sydney.

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