Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am feel relieved that we are finally leaving to KAWAU ISLAND!!! I think it will be cold on the ferry. I think that I might see a dolphin or two. I like dolphins because they feel slippery and they squeak.

Camp bentzon is on kawau island. We have to catch a bus to get to the ferry. I think the bus ride will take and a couple of hours. And the ferry ride could take about an hour. Hopefully it doesn’t rain.

I am looking forward the kayaking. I love kayaking because it is really fun and good exercise. Swimming will awesome because the water is really clear. The Burma trail sounds exciting. I can’t wait for the long bus ride as well.

I think that the confidence course will be the most challenging because it looks like there are monkey bars and i'm not good at monkey bars. Abseiling it looks really hard because it is high even though we are strapped up in a harness I am still a little bit afraid

I am looking forward to camp so much.

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