Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Does a Bee Sting?

Bees only rarely sting, if it has been provoked. They basically have a bee rule it is only use this wepon (that nature has provided) if we are trying to kill them. So it is just self defence.

The bee's stinger is a sharp fine barb,this injects a drop of poison through a tube. Did you know it's only the worker bees that stings ?

You may have heard that a bee can only sting once well that is false. What normally happens is that the victim of the bee knocks it of tearing the stinger , this injures the bee soo badly that it dies. But if you care about the bee you will carefully pull the stinger out of yourself.

So it is true abee can stay alive after it stings, if we dont pull it away from the bees body.


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