Friday, July 20, 2012

Ancient Greek Wrestling

Have you ever wondered what was ancient wrestling like?Well if you were then you're reading the right post.

If you're wondering where young men would train, they would train at a public place called a palestra. It  was a wrestling school for any young man who wanted to learn wrestling. It was even a school subject.

The reason why young men wanted to do wrestling was because they wanted to train for war. So every time they would go out to fight they would always win. This was until the Romans came along and won took over from the Greek empire.

Wrestling was very popular among the young men. If you didn’t know, wrestling could be won by throwing your opponent 3 times or by forcing him to surrender . The fighters would get many cuts from their gloves their opponent would wear.

Well there you go,you have read all my facts that I have found out about ancient wrestling.Thanks for reading!

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