Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Symbols

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Baron Pierre De Coubertin invented the Olympic symbol and also the flag. All the rings are interlocking. Did you know that the rings are these colours because every flag had at least 1 of them?

The Olympic flag has 5 rings which are on a white background. At the opening ceremony the flag is hoisted up the pole. It shall stay there the whole time of the games, but when the games end it is brought down at the closing ceremony.

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Do you know what the motto is for the Olympic Games? It has 3 words and 2 of them start with ‘s’. It is swifter, higher, stronger. The motto encourages the competitors to do their very best, but the most important thing is not to win, but to take part.

The flame is one of the best known features of the Olympic games and it is also a memory of the origins. It can only be lit by the sun's rays in Olympia, Greece. Then by relay it gets carried from Olympia to the host city.

On the first day of the Olympic Games the flame is carried into the stadium. It is then transferred from the torch to the cauldron where it stays for the whole of the games. It is extinguished on the final day of the Olympics.

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