Friday, March 23, 2012

Year 5/6 Camp - Jonita

I can’t believe that the Year 5&6 camp is over. Camp Respect was amazing because first of all I was a leader, and second of all it gave me a chance to get to know everyone in my team better. It was also cool because we got to do exciting things with our teachers and played fun games with other teams.

Like I said on my previous blog post, I was mostly looking forward kayaking. We actually did kayaking on Thursday morning, the second day of camp. Kayaking was not as exciting as I thought it would be. It wasn’t that entertaining thing because I kept of getting cuts and I wanted to have more turns on kayaks which wasn’t really successful.

It turns out that I liked concert night the most! It was better because then kayaking I got to see the talents that other people had, ones I didn’t even know about. Kayaking was still good though.

The funniest thing that happened at camp for me was when my partner and I fell off our kayak. You're probably wondering how this could happen. Well, this incident occurred when I dipped my hand in the water. We then rocked for a few seconds and then WOOSH!..... Into the DEEP the blue sea.

My goal was to be an AMAZING camp leader and show my team how to be more responsible and respectful like I said on my past blog post. I think I actually achieved that goal successfully. Well, maybe I didn’t show SOME people a lesson. Anyways, I’m still proud of myself and my team!

I enjoyed camp because I think that achieved my goal, got to meet new people and hung out with my AMAZING friends. I can’t wait until the next camp!

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