Thursday, March 22, 2012


“Yes It’s CAMP!!!!”I shouted to myself. Did you know that from years 5 to 8 classes they have their own camp at Point England School. It’s starts mostly every year and mostly at the start of the term. It’s my turn and I am a year 6 so I will get the opportunity to be a leader
What I was most looking forward to at camp was the Get Lost.In kayaking I came second place in rowing   but not far behind. At last Get lost I was nearly first place I really enjoyed it because once you play you get an adrenalin rush and you race so fast to get all 10 tasks done. Kayaking was cool because I fell into the sea and out of my kayak. Then we had a bombing competition off the groin aka it's a large and kind of long rock.
. The Funniest moment at camp was when Francis,my friend hit a rubbish bin!!! It occurred because our camp teacher told us that who ever can do the goofiest walk all the way to their tent will get some points. Then Francis pulled my shoulders down and then we went past the bin and “wack!!!”.

 My Mum and Dad came down to help with the dinner and my Grandpa (Pop) and my cousins came down to see me every night!!! I can’t believe that he took time off to see me...
My goal was to be a very well and organised camp leader. In the end I thought that I was good but could do a bit better at arriving to the events. I loveee camp because it gets me away from my annoying sister!!! That’s what I like about camp and plus, it was only $60 dollars!!! For two nights and three days that was the best and I mean best camp I’ve ever been to.

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