Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who were the Spartans?

Spartan boys were been taken away by their family left as seven years old. They were trained only for war. They had no luxuries, and left their hair long. They became as police men and became soldiers

The Spartan men were trained only fighting and that's all, either for their city or anyone else who would pay them. The other work was done by slaves captured by spartan soldiers and they were called Helots.

The women of Sparta feasted and celebrated when a son who won a battle. But if their sons were defeated, they could be killed by their mothers in shame.


Saitia said...

Nice recount on spartans
keep up with the good word

from tamaki intermediate

mowbray rm1 said...

hi my name in Mowbray and i had just read your great report on Spartans, i liked how you have written in your story that the Spartans had no other job but to fight.

by Mowbray

Toko said...

Man your are a warrior poet to the warriors of sparta they where are strong and noble team. Have you seen the movie?