Monday, March 7, 2011

Our New Netbooks

I can’t wait until we get to take our netbooks home, because we can go on them at anytime and anyplace to do lots of very cool things. Our netbooks are going to help us to get ready for the future, by being able to use a computer because lots of our jobs will involve using them.

Everyone was ready and waiting for Mrs Burt to walk through the door, with all of our brand new netbooks. Lots of teachers helped us to set them up.We got lots of support from teachers that don't even come to this school, but they still helped all of us.

It was very frustrating at times when the internet didn’t work, and we had to go back to using plain old pencils and paper. We had to be patient and wait for a teacher to come and help us if we had problems. I thought it was intriguing how small our netbooks were, but they can still do most of the things that our big i-macs can do.

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Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are so lucky to have such cool technology at school! We have to share most of the time. We are a group of training teachers and we think you are awesome!