Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holiday Highlight

It was a lucky night where me and my family and I in Australia got to go to a restaurant in the gold cost.We had to walk and it was a very long way to get there and while we were walking we saw some large Crabs it was freaky because they were moving there mouths in a sideways motion. But finally we arrived at the restaurant that my Auntie

When we had arrived the place looked awesome because there were mini hot balloons that you get to sit in. Me and my family ordered some ribs and a all you can eat pancakes. First I had a pancake with melted butter it was okay but not sweet enough so I was going to have another but my dad insisted I have some ribs so I had a couple of ribs then dug back into the pancakes.

My second pancake was with butter and golden maple syrup the butter melted in my mouth then the golden syrup dripped out of my mouth. My third pancake had topping of ice cream and syrup. I was going to have another but my dad said “to only have one more and you only get a half pancake” “Okay” I said.

After all of those delicacy's we had we all had sore stomachs and was completely full of food. That night I slept great. That was a trip to remember.


Miss Garden said...

Immmmm you make my mouth water reading those descriptions of your pancakes.They definitely are delicacies.
Keep thinking about writing one idea in each sentence. If you look at your second sentence you will see you wrote about it being a long way to walk to the restaurant, as well as writing about seeing large crabs that moved their mouths sideways. These are 2 separate ideas.
You have such good holidays in Australia, I look forward to hearing about the next one.
Miss Garden

Miss Walker said...

Oh my, I am glad I read your post after I had eaten dinner. You described everything so beautifully it made me want to eat everything. Sounds like you had a fantastic trip.