Saturday, March 7, 2009

Should animals be kept in zoos?

The Seagulls Literacy group have been learning about zoos and zoo animals. They have found different opinions about zoos.

What do you think?


Crusader said...

I think it's not good for polar bears to be in Auckland zoo because they are used to cold places.

Brooklyn said...

I think animals should be in zoos for us to look at them.

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Seagulls
I loved your animations and your movie. Well done. Funny you should ask this question because I have just been thinking about the same thing this week.
My answer to your question is that I don't think we need to keep animals in zoos any longer because we have wonderful technology that can take us to 'see' animals in their own habitats. I have been wondering how long it will be before Google Earth will let us see animals live in their jungle homes. That would be really cool.
Mrs Burt

spxroom6 said...

Wow!! I like the way that you spoke with a clear voice. I also love the picture that moved too you guys are very creative..!!

Cool Work
Tyra Rm6 Literacy Class!

Mary said...

i think animals should be in the zoo so people can learn about them.

Maria Stephens said...

What a great question! I think we should have animals in Zoo's. Some animals are becoming extinct and the only way they may survive is to be bred in captivity. By the way, I loved your animation and the great sound effects. Well done Seagull group

mr Abel Marsters said...

all animals should be treated fairly,you made a brilliant point cause they should be looked after....well done and keep up the good work on looking after our species

pare patia said...

keep up the good work room 12 now i no what to do to get onto pt england web site i hope to see more good work.

Ita said...

Wow Sader thats a good point! thank you for sharing your thought about Polar Bears, its nice to know some one cares about them .. Malo Lava !!

love Mum

Huelo-ata said...

Hi seagulls,what a great movie and the pictures, that looks cool to me Huelo-ata

James said...

I think lions should not be kept in zoos becouse they will feel sad in cages.

Waata said...

Hi Seagulls Waata here that was a good movie I liked your pictures.I think it's not good for animals to be kept in zoo's

Anonymous said...

WOW I wish I was in the Seagulls class.
Love it
keep up the good work

Aimee, Pt England resident

Turuhira said...

Hi Seagulls
I really like your animations.your zoo was really cool and the sounds are really cool.Was it hard to draw or easy?
I think animals shouldn't be kept in zoos because they have to get some space bacause they make to much noise.

Mrs P said...

I have been watching a You Tube video on Christian the Lion. This is a story that happened many years ago and I am really pleased that animals like Christian were released into the wild instead of being kept in captivity.

Ashleigh said...

hi seagulls
I like your movie about if animals should be kept in zoo and I like your
animations about your movie.
from Ashleigh

brooklyn said...

Hi Seagulls
I like your movie and your answer to your qustion is.I think animals should be kept in zoos so when they are hungry they can eat.