Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Our Literacy group has been finding information from the text and writing our own reports.

Kiwis are very special to New Zealand because it is our native bird. The kiwi is on lots of things in New Zealand like coins.
The kiwi cannot fly because their feathers are stiff like dog hair. Its wings are about the size of our pinky. Kiwis dig with their beaks. Because they have got nostrils at the end of their beaks, they can smell when their beaks. They can dig in the ground which makes it easier for them to find food.
Kiwis live in burrows under the ground. They stay in their burrows during the day.
The kiwi is nocturnal that means that kiwis sleep during the day and come out at night. Kiwi eggs are huge. They are about the size of six hen eggs. That is a big egg. When the mother kiwi is close to having her baby her stomach will start sagging.
Kiwis eat berries,insects , huhu grubs and earth worms. They are so good at hearing that they can hear the worms in the soil .It probably finds food very fast if it can do that.
Dogs are very bad to kiwis. Because a dog a could easily kill a kiwi by picking it up. In 1981 a wild german shepard killed around 500 kiwis. That is a lot of kiwis killed.

By Litia


Brooklyn said...

Hi Brooklyn here you have told me a lot about kiwis I wonder whats next I cant wait for the next one to came out. by for now from Brooklyn

Miss Garden said...

You seem to have become a kiwi expert Litia. What a lot of information in your report. You did a great job of grouping sentences about the same topic into paragraphs.
Miss Garden

Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Hi Litia,
You have been working hard. I really like your movie and the information you wrote about the kiwi. Keep up the great work.

Miss Lavakula

Tamaki Tales said...

Hi Litia

That was a lot of information about Kiwis. I learnt a lot about Kiwis. I was surprised to learn how big the eggs are.

From Aoina and Rose

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Wow, I never knew that a kiwi's wings were so small and that they lay such huge eggs. You have been busy finding out all that great information. I wonder what your next report will be about Litia?.
Awesome effort,keep up the informative writing.

Mrs Nua

Anonymous said...

wow! Litia i am so surpries because i never new that you know intersting things about kiwi but any way i have learn so much information about kiwi.keep up the great work.

vaha said...

wow! Litia i never knew that you know so much intersting things about kiwis but any way i have learn so things from you.keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

What a great report on kiwis I am very impressed, you obviously know alot about our native bird.
I never realised how small their wings were and how big their eggs were.
If I have any questions about Kiwis i'll make sure I come to you.


Room 1 said...

Hey --you Pukekos know a lot about Kiwis!Imagine being able to hear the worms and grubs!! You have all worked hard on thes project and should be really proud! Keep up the good work!
Ms George

Room 18 said...

Hello Litia and Pukeko group

I love your movie and report about kiwis. Litia you spoke clearly and your report was very detailed. I now know so many interesting facts about kiwis. Pukeko group I loved your graphics. Well done.

Mrs Lagitupu

Turuhira said...

Hi Litia.
You have a great report.
Your animation is very cool.
The thing I like is the kiwi.
You have a great anamation.
You have a great claer speech.
I think your brain is tidy inside there.I really enjoy listening to your movie.
keep it up.
From Turuhira

Vivienne said...

Wow Litia, Now I know even more information about kiwis.You have lots of information about kiwis its just like a information report.Great moive Litia. from Vivenne

mele said...

wow Litia how did you know lots of information about kiwis.I realy like your movie because it gives me more and more things to learn adout kiwis. Great work.by Mele