Monday, February 23, 2009


The Pukeko Literacy group have been reading to find out about the native New Zealand bird that their group is named after. They have made their first animations of the year to illustrate what pukekos look like and the habitat they like to live in.


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Pukekos
I must say that I love the buzzy bees! What a cool blog you have.
I really enjoyed hearing about Pukekos from you because they are one of my all time favourite birds. I even have a pukeko hanging on the wall in my kitchen! You have some clever graphic artists and animators in your group too.
Keep sharing your fantastic work with us.
Mrs Burt

room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Pukekos,
You had some wonderful facts about Pukekos that even I didn't know. Well done. I liked your animations and the way you spoke very clearly. Keep the amazing work coming.

Miss Lavakula

ps. I love the photos of you all on your blog

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Hi there perky Pukekos,
Kua pai to mahi. I love your animations and the information you gathered. Well done.
Can't wait to see what's next!
Mrs Nua

M Stephens said...

Well done Pukekos,
I learnt lots of new things about Pukekos thanks to your blog. I love the stories and animations, you all spoke very clearly. Well done

Going Places said...

Dear Pukekos,
I really enjoyed hearing all about pukekos. Lots of them live by the creek near me. Did you know that the ancient Maori warriors copied the way the pukekos walked because it made them look strong and proud. Next time you see a pukeko look at the way it walks. You should try to copy it for fun. I loved your graphics.
Love from Mrs Jarman

Pukekos said...

Next we are doing a Kiwi and Pukeko movie.

Turuhira said...

Hi Pukekos.
I really like your animations.I like Lita how you spoke clearly I really enjoyed watching your movies.

From Turuhira.

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Pukekos

I loved your amazing movie and graphics about the pukeko. Everytime I think about the pukeko, it reminds me of the mural that I helped to paint years ago when I used to go to Glen Innes Primary School. I don't think its there anymore.

Keep up the great work!

Mrs Lagitupu

Ashleigh said...

Hi pokekos
I like your anmations and your movie about puekos.I like puekos because they have beautful colours on there fethers.Keep up the good work.
From Ashleigh

Selena & Toreka said...

Hi Pukekos!
You have certainly have learned more about the name of the native bird your group is named after. We think it's interesting to find out about a common bird that belongs to Aotearoa New Zealand. We used to be in this reading group last year. You are very lucky to have Miss Garden as your teacher she is so much fun.

That's all from us!

Huelo-ata said...

WOW what a great movie you have here.I love your pukeko pictures they're awsome and COOL.

Anonymous said...

hi pukekos,
that was fantastic team work
i luv da enimation and da clear voices from da back round....

keep the good works going

luv nive

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