Friday, October 31, 2008

Treasure Island Instructions

1. Land your ship at the west ocean and get a rope.
2. Pick up an axe from the ground and kill the dreadful villagers.

3. Walk to the haunted mountains. Remember you have a rope. Use it to climb the mountain

4. You found a bucket now go round the deathly,hallowed cave quickly and if you don’t they will kill you.

5. Fill your bucket with clean water and have a bath.

6. Sneak around the jungle and find the ape and kill him with your axe.

7.Go to the burning volcano where the treasure is burried but the lava monster will burrie you alive.

8.Defeat the lava monster with your bucket.

9.You found the treasure there is a portal that will lead you back to your ship.



Pt England Scribes said...

Great instructions Matthew, I like the descriptive words you used it make your writng interesting to read.

From Miss MacKinlay

spxroom6 said...

Wonderful instructions Matthew, We liked how you used all the interesting words. You have a great picture to go with your text. Well done.

From Room 6 SPX