Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recycling Rubbish

The Seagulls group have been looking at what different sorts of rubbish we can recycle.

We have been reading about which rubbish can be remade into something else and have drawn some animations to share our learning with you.


pesroom10 said...

Wow Seagulls!! Those were amazing animations about recycling. You're right the landfills are getting bigger! What do you think will happen if there are no more landfills?

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Seagulls !
That's really cool !
Fantastic images as well !

Mrs. She

Room2 PES said...

We loved your pictures. We thought that one of the people you drew looked like Miss Va'afusuaga.
From - Room 2.

Louise said...

Well done with the animations Seagulls.Very cool!!

Mrs NiuFangaloka

Fatima said...

Hi room 1
Well done I really enjoyed your
video about recycling! How long did
it take to do the whole video?

Miss Garden said...

Hi Fatima,
this animation took the Seagulls literacy group about 4 weeks to create. It helped that some of the graphics were photos and they didn't have to be drawn.