Friday, October 10, 2008


The Penguins Literacy group have been reading all about worms. They have written a quiz for you so you can test what you know.


pesroom10 said...

Wow Penguins, you sure do know a lot about worms! Those were some great animations too. I hope you all had a lovely holiday.

Love Miss Lavakula

Wm Chamberlain said...

Did you like touching the worms? I think my students would either want to touch them, or scream! I think your video was excellent.

Selena .H. said...

Hi Penguins,

That was a really cool movie.I didn't
really know that much about worms. I really think worms are slimy and yuck,But now I know that worms are amazing.You should proberbly blog me the pukekos.Well bye for now.See you on your next movie.Bye.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi There !

What a lot of worms ! Where did you get them from ?

Mrs. She

Pt England Scribes said...

I never knew that cats ate worms! I've learnt so much from your blog, keep up the great work.
Miss MacKinlay :)

Mubasshira said...

Wow Penguins

That was a really nice video.
Were the worms nice to touch I think so.
I am really looking forward to more videos.
Well bye for now and keep it up.


Mrs Adams said...

Hi Penquins

Great work guys. You all looked great in the video. I didn't know that the bumpy bit on the Noke(worm) was called a saddle. Thanks Joe.

Mrs Adams

Mrs Gleeson said...

Well done Penguins!! You have done a lot of research about worms. I liked the way you had the photo of the person who was talking so I could see what you look like. You all spoke really clearly. Great job!!!
Mrs Gleeson

Dream Team Supreme said...

What a great post for a blog. We have been learning about worms too and really enjoyed answering your questions!

3 Metres! thats a long worm!

Anonymous said...

What a great movie. I didn't know worms could be three metres long! That's a bit frightening.

Did you put all your worms in a worm bin or did you decide to let them go free?

spxroom6 said...

Great work Pt England,

we really liked the way you answered the quiestion very clearly. you have done really good researching on worms.


SPX Room 6

Mauina said...

OOOHH the saddle sounds pretty discusting and EEEEHHHH???????