Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Olympics

We loved wathcing the 2008 Olympics.
The Seagulls group have made a movie to share some of their favourite events and heroes.

What did you enjoy most about the Olympics?


Toreka said...

Wow seagulls that was a very realistic movie there.I loved the way you drew and animated your movies.I can't wait until your movie comes on PENN.I'm sure that your movie will impress a lot of people.It was very cool to have more then one thing that is moving.

From Toreka.

Ala said...

WOW!! Seagulls that really looked like a realistic movie there.I loved the way you drew your pictures and then moved your people and put it in a movie and Quicktime.I'm sure that your moive will impress a lot of other people.I really liked the way that Mubbashira had a realistisc person.I can't wait untill you guys make another movie.

Bye for now...

Manaiakalani said...

That was awesome seagulls. You presented us with so much information in a really interesting way. Good on you. I liked the information about the Ancient Olympics and then it was cool to find out about the recent 2008 Olympics. So many of your animations were cleverly done so I won't mention any single one. I will just say that you are all very clever.
Well done again
Mrs Burt