Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Pines

Around our school there is a big line of pine trees. We hope they don't get cut down like the ones in this poem.

We did like all the sounds and images Margaret Mahy uses in her poem though. Hainite, Joe and Stevie have tried to recreate the pictures they had in their minds in this movie.


Miss Garden said...

You read so clearly, I can hear all those sound words that Margaret Mahy used to describe the pine trees falling. Well done on your clear and expressive speaking Penguins Group.

Hifo rm17 said...

Nice animation Penguins group.I loved the sound effects and the way you describe how Margret Mahy wrote the book.!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Room 12 and 13.

We love the way you have drawn your pictures!
and your voices are very clear.

From Room 3
Panmure Bridge School

Mrs Gleeson said...

Your sound effects were great, Penguins and I really liked your expressive reading. I am sure Margaret Mahy would be very pleased with this presentation.
Mrs Gleeson

Russell Burt said...

Hi Penguins
I think your description of Margaret Mahy's work was really good.
I love your expression and the work you have put into this.

Well don & keep up the good work.
You make me proud!

Mr Burt

Room 10 said...

Great work Penguins. I like the way you read with expression and your animations are awesome Keep up the great work!

Miss Lavakula

Hossanah said...

Now we are working on keynotes to give you information about rats and mice. I am just finishing my animation to go on the keynote. I hope it can be on the blog soon to show you.

Toreka said...

Hi Penguins,
Those animations were very cool.You were so loud and clear I turned the volume down!Keep working hard and remember champions remember the rules.
That's all from me today.

Hainite said...

I really like the way Tyla did her animation.The best part I liked about Hers is How she made the pines fall off the trees when it was falling. from Hainite

St Pius X - Room 6 said...

Hello, well done with your story. We really like Margaret Mahy stories here too!
We love watching your classes retells....can't wait for your next one!
We're doing live footage work at the moment in our class so you should come and check it out on our blog!
Room 6

Ala said...

WOW!!great work penguins I really liked you animations for the pine trees and you sound effects in the backround there fantastic.I really liked the way you guys used expresion.Margret Mahy is a wonderfull writer do you think she is?I do.My favourite one was Tylas one when the pine cones fall down that just looks cool also I can hear the sound words that Margret Mahy used to describe the pine trees falling.Well done pengiuns.

Bye for now!!