Friday, September 26, 2008

Missing by A. A Milne

The Pukekos Literacy group liked this poem because it was about a mouse, and we have some pet mice in our classroom. Our teacher doesn't want our mice to escape and go missing though!

Can you spot the little change we made to A. A Milne's poem to make it relevant to Glen Innes?


Shyarn rm17 said...

Hi pukeko's, That was a really funny and awesome movie!! I liked the photo's that you had with tom the mouse they were really cute!

Shyarn room17

charlotte said...

Hi Pukekos

You are so clever with your animation of this poem.
It was very colourful and cleverly put together.

You also read the story so clearly. I am going to see if I can find the poem in my old A. A. Milne book at home. I don't like mice but I think I rather liked your real mouse running around your pictures and up Maybury Street, but PLEASE don't bring him/her to the office!

Mrs Sorenson
School Office