Friday, July 25, 2008

Dinner Play

Are you allowed to play with your dinner?

The Seagulls Literacy group has been looking at imagery in poetry. Mele has illustrated this poem by Jane Buxton about what your dinner can look like if you use your imagination.


Selena said...

Hi Mele

I really liked the poem that you
read,It sounded really creative.
I liked your pictures of the broccili
trees and the mash patatoe mountains,mash patatoes is my favourite.I really liked the detail that you put in your pictures.The carrot houses remined me of Hansel and Gretal,mmm the yummy house. Bye.

Ala said...

WOW!Mele I cant belive you did your drawings and recording all by your self.

I really like your drawings and when they popped up on different layers.Your poem that you read sounded really creative.

I think you would be a really good movie player when you grow up,your Broccili, mashed potaetoe,meat,carrot houses.

You really used expression to say your poem and well done.

Bye for now.

Toreka said...

Hi there Mele,
That was a really cool animation.
The poem describes my little brother at dinner time.He sometimes thinks that his vegetables are lollies!That is how we get him to eat his vegetables.I look forward to your next animation on the blog.


Miss Walters said...

What an awesome movie Mele :) I agree with the poet, broccoli is very much like trees! I can only eat my vegetables with cheese sauce or gravy. What is your favourite vegetable Mele?

Look forward to your answer, Miss Walters

Danielle said...

Very creative!:)
If I could play with my dinner, I would make it like that.

P.S. If you have time, please come visit our classroom blog:

Shyarn rm17 said...

Hi Mele,

that dinner on your plate made me really hungry!!! You are really good at drawing and animating!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Shyarn rm17