Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Toreka and Matthew have looked at this poem by John Malone which compares seagulls to diners in a restaurant waiting for their food.


Mubasshira said...

Hey Toreka and Mattew

I really liked your poem and your ilustrations how do you do all that work?
That was absolutly fantastic.
I would give u a 10/10 for that.
Talk to you later.


matthew said...

Wow Toreka and Matthew.That was fabulous.What a great animation.You two must have worked so hard to get that marvelous work done.I'm looking forward to another Animation of yours.

Manaiakalani said...

That was great Toreka and Matthew. I have always liked that poem and your animation really brought the pictures I have in my mind when I read it to life. I like the clear voice you read it with too.
Mrs Burt
Ontario, Canada

Erene said...

Hey Lepa,Mele,Mubbashira there was lots of expresion and good pictures but this was good because of lots of amazing effort.

Kody said...

We really liked when the fireworks went up they turned into flowers and they matched where the poem said they were blossoming in the air - super cool matching of art work to poem! keep up the great work!

Kody & Shimma
Rm 6 PBS

Mr T said...

Wow. Very creative Matthew & Toreka! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Toreka and Mathew

great story about waiting and great voice overs too hope i can get to hear from you next time

from uani