Monday, June 23, 2008


Mele, Lepa and Mubasshira have been thinking about the picture this poem creates in their minds. They have drawn and animated a movie to go with Phillipa Werry's poem Fireworks.


Mrs Burt said...

Hi Mele, Lepa and Mubasshira
I was visiting your blog to show some people the amazing work you do and I got a lovely surprise to see you have posted your fireworks poem. What great animations you have drawn. I will be thinking about them on July 4th because that is when I will be seeing some fireworks displays in America.
Keep up the good work.
Mrs Burt

Miss Garden said...

Lepa that looks just like a sky rocket! I can imagine it building up and exploding into a flower just as you have drawn.
Miss Garden

Toreka said...

Hi Mele,Mubasshira
That was really good art work there.
The poem sounds a littleb bit dangerous,ecspeailly when you say the petals go all of the town.I wonder what it would be like to see a real sky rocket.


Matthew said...

Wow Lepa,Mele and Mubbashira.That was amazing.I like how your voices were clear.That is very amusing.If I was a teacher I would show your work around the world.If I was a teacher.That must of been hard work