Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Up Up and Away

As part of our school topic Up Up And Away, the Penguins group have been finding out about passenger planes.

Have you ever been on a plane?


Anonymous said...

You have learned a lot about airliners and I enjoyed your presentation. Well done Penguins.
Mrs Gleeson

Ala and Toreka said...

Hi Stevie,
We liked your art work.It was so detailed and it looked realistic.You are really good at drawing passenger planes.We enjoyed your art.Well done!

From Ala and Toreka.

St. Pius - Room 6 said...

Magnificent!!!!! We like the way that you animated your story. You spoke clearly and so we learnt alot about the parts of the airliner. What software do you use to do your animation?

Room 6

Anonymous said...

brilliant!!!!!!! you have a nice story about your art work of airlines. How many days did it take you to prepare this movie.

by Casey,Soane,Ember,Gloria.

Miss Walters said...

Hi Penguins,
What a great animation! I can see you have been working hard, Keep it up. To answer your question - Yes, I have been on quite a lot of planes (See the pictures of some on Room 13's topic wall) but now I know a lot of the parts thanks to your fantastic animation.

Miss Walters

Anonymous said...

Cool animation and lots of interesting facts.
Mr Kelly [Teacher of Room 2 at Marshall Laing Primary in Mt Roskill]

Angela said...

Hi St Pius
We use pixelmator to draw our pictures and animate it.
It took two weeks for us to do a animtion cause we all drew heaps of aircraft.Thank you for your comments.

Bye for now.

Kayde said...

Hi St Pius
to do our art it took about a week. First we cut out some shapes.Next we arranged them.After that we put some colourful paint on for a backgronnd.Next we glued all our pices together and we were finished.
from Kayde.

Mubasshira said...

Hi Penguins

You have learnt alot about airlines.
I really want to go on one but i have been on one befor i went on it 2 times.
Have any of you guys benn on one?
If you have i really want to know
coz i am so interested to know.


Miss Lavakula said...

Hi Penguins,
I am very impressed with your animations. Is that using KidPix, Hyperstudio or Photoshop?
You all read really well with expression. Keep up the great work!

Miss Lavakula

Mubasshira and Mele said...

Hi Miss Lavakula

We use Pixelmator to animate our pictures then we use iMovie to make our movie

Mele And Mubasshira

Miss Teleso said...

Hello Room 13

Your work is fantastic! I like the artistc work on the aircraft, well-done.

Taulagi Teleso said...

Hi Aidan

Great commentary about the aircraft, I enjoyed it and you spoke very well.
I'm looking forward to more of your work and also fantastic commentary.
Well done!!!.

Love from Mum.

Selena said...

Intresting Penguins

Hainite I really liked your animation it was cool.Penguins I really liked the way all of you used clear voices.Well bye for now.

Joshua said...

Wow Penguins that was some amazing
graphics you drew.
I wish I could draw like
you penguins.
and I really enjoyed your
speeches and belive me you
explained it with lots of
By Joshua.

Mele said...

Hi there Penguins
I really enjoyed your movie and your pictures as well.I really liked the way you made thse planes fly across the screen.Those pictures were really interesting and cool too.Those picture backgrounds look realistic.You penguins are really smart at making movies with your group.
From Mele