Friday, May 9, 2008

The Giant's Breakfast

The Bellbirds literacy group have been looking at beginning letter sounds.
We have practised our reading making this movie to share with you.
Click here to see this on our website.


Room 12 Pt England School said...

I like the cool giant voice you used Junior.
Miss Garden

Korero Pt England said...

Hi .
I have been looking at your work on the Pt England website so I was very happy to see that you have posted it on your blog too.
You are doing such lovely work that it is good that you are sharing it with the rest of the world.
I will keep an eye out for your next movie.
Mrs Burt

Bex said...

Hey Bellbirds!
I enjoyed your GIANT movie!! You were all really great actors and I can tell that you are working hard on your literacy work. You must really enjoy learning your letter sounds and then making a movie to show all your hard work!
from Rebbecca at the Ministry of Education in Wellington :)

Room 13 said...

I love your movie Bellbirds! I can tell you are learning a lot, Well done.
Miss Walters

Toreka said...

Hi Bellbirds,
Those giants have a lot of breakfast.No wonder they are big!Did you enjoy acting like giants?


Ala and Selena said...

Bellbirds I really liked the way you used a big giant voice and I loved the way you used expression.My favourte part is when you Juinor was saying Fe fi Fo Fum I smell toast.

Selena and Ala.

Erene said...

Hi BellBirds.THat was really cool.Oh yeah and good pictures too. And nice colours too. choice!!!!!

Cruz and Joshua said...
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Matthew said...

Hey Bellbirds cool movie.I like the big loud noises you made.I really enjoyed your movie.I should look out for another of your movies.

Miss Lavakula said...

Wow Bellbirds,
I loved your loud voices. I am very proud of how hard you must have worked. What do giants like eating for lunch?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bellbirds

Ive been loooking forward to this movie

It was great
Shyar room17

St. Pius - Room 6 said...

Unbelievable!!!! Bellbirds your work about Giants was enjoyable to watch. Your expression as the Giants was really wonderful. We have a question... How did you get your faces on to your pictures?

Room 6

st pius-room6 said...

Brilliant!!!!!!! We really liked the way you had different kind of food. we also liked it when you all had a picture of yourselves on the giant's head

Room 6

Mrs Clarke said...

Hi Bellbirds.
I really liked seeing you as giants and hearing your voices. Keep working hard!
Mrs Clarke

Miss MacKinlay, Room 11 said...

I really like your giant movie. I think you make very good giants. :)

gjensenprocter said...

Hello Bellbirds!
I loved your story about the Giant's breakfast.
Sosaia you sounded like a real giant and I felt so scared when you said "Fe Fi Fo Fum" I thought a real giant was coming!!

Jenny Hodgkinson said...

Hi bellbirds
I really enjoyed your movie about what giants eat for breakfast. Your voices were GREAT!
Mrs Hodgkinson

Mrs Bush said...

Hello Bellbirds,

I really enjoyed your story about the giant's Breakfast. Your voices sounded like a very scarey giant.
Well done!!

Mrs Bush

Mr 'GIANT' Jacobsen said...

I love giant breakfasts! What fantastic work.

Uani room18 said...

Hey people

That clip that I just saw there looked very cool I hope I get to hear more from your cool class again.I really liked your movie.

From Uani.

Joshua said...

Hi Bellbirds that was an
amazing movie you made.
And I look forward to
your next movie But
there's one question
I need to ask
you. Did you learn all
of your sayings
in one day?
By Joshua.

Kayde said...

Exelent!!! Hi Bellbirds
I love your guys breakfast movies.I hope you can make some more funny animations for us.Those were the funniest movies ive ever seen. I Wonder if you can make a national funny movies.
By for now.
By Kayde.

Miss Paton said...

Hi Bellbirds Group,

Loved the movie. Excellent use of expression. You all sounded like scary giants. I loved how you used a drawing programme and your real photographs to make yourselves look like giants.

Keep up the great work.


Miss Paton

Mele said...

Hi there Bellbirds
I really liked your movie and it was really interesting too.your movie was great and I liked it when one of you said I like bacon. Keep it up on your
other movies your making.I am looking forward to them.What does a giant really eat for breakfeast?
Well done on the movie.Keep up all the hard work.
From Mele

Tyler said...

Fe Fi Fo thump i smell that you guys are great.
From Tyler.R

Samson room 13 said...

Hey bellbirds, great work! I liked your Loud voice.

Julia said...

Hi Bellbirds I like yuor moive about the ginity.