Thursday, May 9, 2013

Will.I.Am visits Pt England School

This Morning after morning tea we had a very special assembly. The back door was jam packed with a lot of media. There were very very huge tripods, lots of microphones and a large Camera. We knew it was a special person but not his/her name.

We all became silent as soon as Mr Burt came. He started talking and said "who knows Black Eyed Peas?" And we all put our hands up and started talking about Fergue and Will.I.Am. Our whole school including the Manaiakalani schools remained silent and Mr Burt said "guess who..........Will.I.Am." Then we were all excited but he was still on his way.

There were Hallenstein posts on the wall. It is because Hallenstein Brother are the ones who payed Will.I.Am to come to our school. Hallensteins payed him a lot like for his flight.
I was just sitting on the floor but I saw some people walking up onto the stage. It was the Kapa Haka group and they were going to do a performance. But before they did it Patrick came in front of the stage and said a speech (Waiata).

The Manaiakalani schools even us were so exciting as soon as he came. Mr Burt introduced him to all of us and gave the mice to him so he can talk about his life. He said he was from Los Angeles and lived in a Government housing. His mum never had a job and he didn't know who his dad was.
Mr Will.I.Am came because he gave us a very special gift. It was a $100.000 card. We were so surprised and had to share our gift and so excited! It is his donate and his charity is called I.Am.Angled and he is Angled, amazing and gifted!

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