Thursday, May 9, 2013

Donation to of $100 000 from Will.I.Am - by Brandon

Today one of the biggest stars in the world!  Came to our school. Will I Am! yes Will I Am came to help out Manaiakalani a lot by donating $100,000 in person and I got to do kapa haka to him. He has his own charity called I am Angel he is a Recording artist, song writer, philanthropist  and also a band called Black Eyed Peas. The thing that inspired me was when he seed "chose the best friends there is be cause friends are the only reason that he is a star". Thanks to I am Angel.

WilI.I.Am visits Pt England School from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

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Azuredream said...

WOW,you guys are so lucky for will I am to come to your school.You guys are like the most luckiest school in new zealand.I like the way your school has performed beautifully.And you guys felt confident even though there was heaps of people in front of you guys.Another reason why you guys are lucky is because you got one hundred thousand dollars.