Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zion's Holiday

In the holiday my cousin and I went to the park and we played rugby. My cousin brought his friend. My cousin got 3 tries . Then we went to played on the park and I played on the swings.


Unknown said...

Hello, Juanita!
My name is Brittney and I am an EDU310 student at the University of South Alabama.

I really like the picture on your post. It's creative. From your picture, rugby looks like a lot fun! The swing was my favorite thing to play on when I was in elementary school, as well.

Make sure when you are writing or typing to always check your double check your spelling and sentence structure. In your last sentence, did you mean, "We went to play" or "We played"? I make mistakes like that sometimes as well when I'm typing really fast. Also, when typing numbers in a post, you spell out small numbers. For example, instead of typing the number "3", you would spell it out(ex. My cousin had three tries).

I really enjoyed you post, Juanita! I hope to hear back from you soon, and keep blogging.

Cezar said...

Hi Zion
Your picture is really amazing! You should show me how to draw on tuxpaint. What park did you go to? Next time you could put in more detail and better sentences.

Ielomi said...

Can you show me how to draw, But I hope you did more because it was great. And I hope someone will leave some feed back like me. I hope you have a fun time.