Saturday, August 4, 2012

Medley Swimming Relay

One very interesting sport involved in the Olympics is the Medley Relay. Swimming and only swimming is involved. Four different sports for four different people, is what constitutes this exciting event.

They start off with backstroke because you can not dive in for it, it is then followed by breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle, in that order. The contestants each have to swim a 50 meter pool twice, which adds up to a total of 100 meters.

During the swimmers games, they wear a new brand of swimsuit called Jons. It is so slippery that you just glide through the and people say it is smoother than human skin. After wearing it 15 times, the swimsuit wears out.

A skill swimmers need is to be able to keep floating and to swim very fast. One way they can do this, is by training 6-9 hours 7 days a week, get enough water, food and exercise. They need to also be very strong, physically and mentally.  

I think this sport is a very interesting sport that should be able to be in the olympics for many many more years. 


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