Sunday, August 5, 2012

Medley Swimming Relay

Included in the Olympics is a very popular sport and that is the Medley Relay. In this relay swimming is only involved. Four different strokes for four different people makes up this exciting team sport. 
 Swimming as fast as you can beating your opponents is the aim of the event.  When you are swimming you have to do the right strokes and the right turns. This relay also  has strict rules, and strict referees. 
 All  athletes included in the Medley relay wear a type of suit called jons. This suit prevents drag. A pair of goggles the swimmer wears keeps the water  and chlorine out of their eyes and the swimming cap also helps keep the swimmers hair out of the way.  
The talents and skills needed for the medley relay is strength and stamina. Exercise is very important to do if you are a contestant in this sport. Swimming is about techniques and is also about mental psychology.  
Overall I think that the medley relay would be fun to do. I also think that this sport is for very fit people.  Athletes who compete in this event must be very very fit in order to compete.

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