Friday, August 26, 2011

Badminton Coaching

When I walked past the hall, I saw that there were other classes playing a sport called Badminton which I haven’t heard of till it was Room seventeens turn to have a go. As soon as the tutor walked in through the doors of the hall, my hands started to tingle because they couldn’t stand any longer with out holding that racket. Anyways, when our tutor sat on the stage she introduced herself. Her name was Laureen.

As we all were waiting impatiently to get a racket each, we had to learn how to hold the racket first. We had to grip the racket loosely and we had to act like we were shaking somebodies hand, which was quite awkward. And we had to let our wrist move noting else. Laureen taught us some of the ways we should hold it. One was the forehand it is when we are trying to hit the shuttle really hard over the net or when ever you like. Then there is a backhand when you would like to serve the shuttle or just hit it randomly.

Finally the time had come to get our rackets. Everybody swung them around like those light sabers off Star Wars. But sooner or later each and every one of us got the hang of it. So then we started off by absorbing the shuttle and where abouts we should hit it. The shuttle has a plastic bottom with feathers to help it to fly.

Later we had to pair up with buddies. I paired up with Logan. He was not that good and neither was I. We kept on hitting the shuttle to far, to short, and sometimes we didn’t even hit the shuttle. But we did not mind.

After playing around with buddies we got to have a little game before we left. Laureen our tutor split our class in half. When that was sorted, we had to make a large circle and get five shuttles each. So the aim of the game was to have good grip on the racket and the way you should hit the shuttle. In the middle of the big circle was a bin for the shuttles to fly in to. Half of the class stood up the other sat down. And obviously some of us were good some were not.

At the end of the session I fest proud of myself because I hit two shuttles in the bin and because I had lots of fun. I can’t wait for next week if we play that game again I promise my self I would have improved even more.

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