Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Sad Somalian Story

Hi everyone! As you can see in the title above, this is a sad Somalian story. My reading group "Moreporks" have read another interesting a book called Asli's Story by Adrienne Jansen. It is about a young girl named "Asli" she lives in the country of Somalia. But Somalia is a very dangerous country. Alsi then moves to Kenya, and then to New Zealand. But life gets harder for her as she tries to learn all the new languages and ways we live here in Aotearoa. Watch this movie I made using Hyperstudio...


Miss Lavakula said...

Well done Toreka,
I was so impressed with your movie about this sad story. I liked how your animations were timed very well and the detail you put into your graphics. You are very clever. Keep up the great work.

From Miss Lavakula

Litia Rm 15 said...

Hi Toreka,

That was an awesome movie. I loved all of your drawings. They were so detailed. That would be very hard having to move all over the world and learning lots of different languages.
Keep up the great work


Charlotte and Kate said...

Dear Toreka,
What an amazing but sad story. I now know why it is dangerous to live in Somalia.
From Charlotte and Kate.