Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good-bye Mr Hunia

Mr Hunia has been the student teacher in Room 17 for some of Term 1 and then 7 weeks in Term 2. The last 7 weeks with have been good. In that time we have played games, been creative and done some hard work. Today Mr Hunia has left to go and study back at his Universty (a school for adults).

On his last day (4th of June ) we had lots of fun, because first of all we had to go and do sport at Tamaki College and after that, yes after that, we had to walk back to school and get changed in to our clothes because we had some more sport.

Goodbye Mr Hunia. Room 17 will miss you.

From Seini-Mino
Goodbye Mr Hunia. Have FUN!

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Erene said...

Hi Flying High team!
It is really cool to have a student teacher like that one. He must be really fun to work with annd I'm sure that he would be an experiance for those that want to be teachers.
From Erene