Monday, April 19, 2010

Want to Know More About the Treaty of Waitangi?

Kia Ora everybody, this is my second history event. I think this is way better than my last one, because the graphics are amazing I even have a recording voice over it. I told you it was way better.
This animation is about signing the Treaty of Waitangi. It takes you way back in the olden days.


Tyla said...

Wow Seini-Mino

I really liked your blog post about the treaty of Waitangi. Wow I really hope hearing more about your work, for the year.
!!!KEEP IT UP !!!

Aneisha said...

Wow Seini-mino,

I like the way that you did
your movie.I have done a movie
but it is not good like your movie.
So keep up the good work I like your movie.
By Aneisha

Room16 said...

Hi Seini-Mino,the movie that you made is Awesome.I really like the way you drew and animated your pichtures.

By Huelo-ata