Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pukekos Galore

Pukekos are birds that look like kiwis. Instead they stringy legs, and a patch of white feathers under their tail to tell them if there is danger nearby. They have a redish beak that helps them get things at the bottom of lakes. This very special species have iridescent blue on some of their plumage.

Pukeko's diet contains leaves, frogs worms, insects, spiders and the roots of some plants. They search for eggs and chicks left in nests. Also they were a pain in he neck to Maori's because they kept eating their kumara in recent times, farmers crops.

As most people know everyone has enemies,and pukekos had tons of enemies. At first it was just Maori people now I recent times,duck shooters,farmers and anyone who grows plants and crops. Because pukekos kept on eating their plants an thats how pukes made their enemies.

While watching pukeko's you should not be too loud and don't get too close, also make sure you tiptoe so they don't run away or fly to their new destination or else it will be a long walk too you see a new pukeko.


Room 17 Student said...

The way you have organised you writing makes your information so clear and easy to understand. Each paragraph is on a seperate topic and I see you are trying to begin the paragraphs with a topic sentence. Keep up the great writing Cruz.
Miss Garden

Joshua said...

Hi Cruz,

You are getting better and better at writing and making sure you make your paragraphs and sentences clear for your audience to be able to understand your piece of writing.
Keep up the good work.
God Bless.

By Joshua.