Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dino Mix

The Pukekos group have been learning about prefixes, and how they are used in dinosaur names to describe them.

They have mixed some of their favourite dinosaur together to invent new one.
Which one do you like best?


Mrs Burt said...

What a fun movie you have posted on Flying High! I love the way you have used the dinosaur prefixes along with your own names to create those new ones. And fabulous animations and voiceovers too.
Well done
Mrs Burt

lukis said...

Hi room 12 I like your information about dinosaurs but a stegasaurus eats plants.from lukis

Kalim said...

Hey its its Kalim

nice movie ther was lots of information in ther.
anyway thank you for the comment

See you around.

Miss Lavakula said...

Hi Pukeko's,
Your group worked really hard on your animations and voice overs. My favourite is the Tristegobrachilavakula dinosaur. I hope I got that right. Keep up the great work.

Miss Lavakula

Huelo-ata said...

WOW pukekos,I like your movie.I even like your dinosaurs