Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The 'ate/ait' Word Family

The Penguins Literacy group have learnt about another word family.
These words can be spelt differently.

Can you think of any other words that rhyme with these 'ate' words?


Judy Clark said...

"Great" is another word and it's spelt differently as well. I thought your movies on "ate" , "ait' and "aight" words was really great! Especially since I saw you working on your animations while I was in your class! Fantastic effort in putting into such a cool movie! Keep it up, Penguins!
Mrs. Clark

room2 said...

I love your animations. It's made me think I need to learn how to do that too. Did you use Kid Pix, I wonder? And if you did, how did you get them on your blog.
Great work - I think you will be very good at spelling -ate and -ait and even -eat words now. Ms Donnell

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi there Penguins. I like your movie, I get to see you work on your animations with Miss Garden in the elearning centre. However I only get to see you do bits of the overall project. I love the finished product. I think that it's a great how you've learnt about another word family using your creative minds via elearning.
Malo lava - Mrs Tele'a

Juanita Garden said...

Hi Ms Donnell,
we used pixelmator for these graphics but kidpix would also work. The youger classes use kidpix and have some great animations. Check out
Then the graphics just need to be saved as jpegs and put into a quicktime movie.

Waata said...

Hi Penguins

I like your drawings they look very cool.

By Waata

Raymond said...

I like how you animated your play and how you added transformer it is very cool!!

Turuhira said...

WOW!The ate family you were great at talking.Your animations are great.Your ate and ait Ryhme together.What Ryhme are you going to do next?

Keep it up!. Well done.!!!

By Turuhira.