Friday, May 29, 2009

Where have all the dinosaurs gone?

The Hawks literacy group have been reading about prehistoric mammals.
They were very different to the dinosaurs.
We think we know why the mammals are still around and all the dinosaurs have gone.


Miss Garden said...

Poor old dinosaurs. I'm quite pleased they are extinct though.
I really like the way you are beginning to move the body parts of you animals in your animations Hawks group.
Miss Garden

Turuhira. said...

Hi MissGarden.
Thanks For that comment.I like you as a teather to me.Thank you for teaching us about new things that we havnt learnt about yet.You have been kind to me.You have been a great teacher.

Huelo-ata said...

Hi Miss Garden,we are learning to animate our pictures really fast and beginning to move an animal.
From Huelo-ata

Litia said...

Hi Hawks group,
I loved your movie.I especially liked the way you made the trunk on your mammoths move so it looked kind of like it was eating the plants.And like Miss Garden I'm glad dinosaurs are extinct.
Great job Hawks
From Litia

Huelo-ata said...

Thanks Litia, I am happy to that the dinosaurs are extinct.

shoal said...

Hi turuhira

I like how you spoke clearly.I am glad that all the dinosaurs are extinct and your animations are realy cool.I like the mammal that you drew.

by shoal.