Friday, May 8, 2009

Life Sized Dinosaur

How big is a real dinosaur?
Room 12 wanted to find out what a 20 metre long Apatosaurus looked like, so we drew it to scale on the court. Take a look at how we did it.


michellee said...

Well done Room 12 and 13.
It was a great movie to watch. We like watching the dinosaur being built.

Keep up the great work!

From, Room 13 at Summerland Primary School

Room 3 said...

Hi Rooms 12 & 13,

We liked looking at how you drew your dinosaur. It must have taken a long time to draw.

Keep up the great work.


Room 3, Panmure Bridge School

Anonymous said...

You guys are very clever! I love the way you used the grid method to enlarge the image. I used the same method to enlarge the image of the T-Rex in the foyer mural.It really is hard to imagine creatures this size walking around. I bet the ground shook whenever they moved! Who was the brave person who climbed on the roof to get the final photograph?
Awesome job Rooms 12 & 13
Mr J(short)

SPXroom6 said...

WOW I really liked your movie

Miss Dekker said...

Well done boys and girls from rooms 12 and 13! It was great to see you all working together on this neat project.

Amy Parker said...

Wow that must have been hard work. It looks fantastic though. Well done everyone! Looks like everyone had a lot of work to do but shows you were having fun.20 metres long? Wow imagine if a dinosaur that long came to school.

room 18 said...

Hi Room 12 & 13

Awesome movie! That was a very clever idea to use a grid to draw an Apatosaurus to scale. That dinosaur looked huge! Imagine one of those walking around our school.

I also loved watching your movie when it was on the school news (PENN). Room 18 were amazed!

Mrs Lagitupu

othaniel said...

Hi room 12 I like the way you spoke and that was a big dinoaur you made.from othaniel.

Turuhira said...

I like learning about dinosaurus.Apatosaurus is my favourite dinosaur and stegosaurs is my secound favourite dinosaur.I really enjoyed this terms topic.
From Turuhira.

Mele said...

Wow room 12 I like your movie you have.I wish I could draw good like you.